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Barn Owl Review 2


Seth Abramson, “Final Boy” [click to read] and “Three Cuts”

Deborah Ager, “Love Poem for Lamoni, Iowa”

Nin Andrews, “The Professor”

Aimée Baker, “Light/Dark”

Erica Bernheim, “[We have to be mean, my uncle]”

Jason Bredle, “Clouds”

Robert Lee Brewer, “They’re coming to get us”

Edward Byrne, “Sea Wall”

Paula Cisewski, “Ode to Falling Below the Radar of the Gods”

Elizabeth J. Colen, “Dreams of People Waiting in Line.”

Rachel Dacus, “Nobody Can Be Like Me”

J.P. Dancing Bear, “Crossroads”

Emari DiGiorgio, “Head in a Hand Basket” [click to read]

Steve Fellner,
“Think of a Knock as Something Other than Simple, Useless Etiquette”

Brent Fisk, “Two things I learned in high school but never got tested on”

John Gallaher, “Ohio Pastoral”

Leslie Harrison, “[once]" and “How it Started”

Anna Journey, “Birdstorm” and “Return as Black Currant”

Christina Kapp, “Other People’s Children”

Sheba Karim, “Saturn Returns”

Stephanie Kartalopoulos,
“Notes Stitched Safely into the Lining of Grandmother’s Best Shawl” [click to read]

Lori Lamothe, “Geode”

David Dodd Lee, “Who But I, O Reckless Death”

Gary Leising, “Deadlines”

Adrian C. Louis, “Another Day in the Kingdom"

Greg McBride, “Having a Wonderful Time”

Erika Meitner, “Preventing Teen Cough Medicine Abuse” [click to read]

Keith Montesano, “Alternate Featurette, Keane

Edward Mullany, “Seconds”

Tom Noyes, “Dance School”

Alison Pelegrin, “Hurricane Party”

Greg Rappleye, “Carnivorous”

Lee Ann Roripaugh, “The Violin Thief…”

Brent Royster, “The Art of Eating Cheese”

Sean Singer, “Harlem”

Sarah Sloat, “Etiquette”

Amy Bracken Sparks, “Inside the Down House”
and "Laughing Sal Walks to Russia”

Jennifer Sullivan, “Snapshot of Ellet Park Gardens”

Mathias Svalina, “Human Error”

Laura Madeline Wiseman, “My Imaginary Cock”

Karen J. Weyant, “How the 10 Plagues of Egypt Hit Western PA”

Brian R. Young, “Philosophy” [click to read]

Critical Prose: Kazim Ali, “Adam and His Mother: Lucille Clifton’s Prosodic Line”

Critical Prose: Megan Savage,
“Laborers, Tourists, Witnesses: The Sex Worker Memoir”

The First Annual Barn Owl Review Crossword Bamboozle